10 Easy Tips to Add More Me Time to Your Busy Day

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Wendy Krepak

Life is busy these days! We all have a hundred things to do every day. It can be tough to manage it all, especially for moms who are caring for a family. Here are some simple tips for moms to get organized so they can get more done and relax.

1. Alphabetize all those store loyalty cards

If you’re like me, you collect piles of those store cards that help us save money. But sorting through the mess at the register counter can be a pain. Use an organizer like Card Cubby to keep everything organized in one spot – while being fashionable at the same time!

2. Split up your housework by day

Instead of exhausting yourself by cleaning the house on one day, split each room up by day. Do the bathrooms on Monday, the living room on Tuesday, etc. Each should take less than an hour and you won’t ever feel drained from cleaning the ENTIRE house.

3. Get rid of stuff!

Take a look at all the things in your life. You have thirty pairs of shoes, but only wear five. Does that table by the door serve a purpose, or is it just a spot to drop things? Is your house cluttered with stuff and some of it can be packed away, sold or donated?  This will save you time organizing all the clutter and you can easily choose a pair of shoes once the mountain of unworn, “I will wear them someday” shoes are cleaned out.  Plus, donating feels good!

4. Use a calendar on your phone

Instead of organizing appointments on the backs of business cards, scraps of paper and napkins, use a comprehensive calendar on your phone. This will save you time from not having to write, look for, rewrite because your first note was messy or on a napkin that’s now ripping, etc.  Ideally you want one calendar that syncs with other devices.

5. Use clear storage organizers

Wherever you pack things away in your home (pantry, closet, etc.), place items in see-through boxes so you can identify what you need without searching much. Group like things together.

6. Label it all!

You might know where everything is kept, but others won’t. A simple label on the outside of a container or bag will prevent others from making a mess looking for the item they need. It will also encourage them to put things back where they found them, which is less reorganizing for you.

7. Prepare the night before

Get everything you need ready for the next day the night before. Pack your bag, gym bag, purse, and/or briefcase and set it by the door. If you have trouble remembering to bring things, place it right in front of the door so you have to touch it to get out.

8. Set up outfits a week in advance

Instead of rummaging through drawers and closets each morning to make outfits for you and the kids, line everything up on Sunday so there’s no guessing throughout the week. This can shave a half-an-hour off the morning routine for some people. You can hang the designated outfits in order or place them in a drawer that holds only your “Outfits for the Week.”

9. Run errands at one time

Pick a day to do all the running around and get it all done while the other parent stays with the kids. By yourself, with a plan, you should be able to bang them out quickly without any delays.  Having to pack up the kids and go to the store every couple days is time consuming and will quickly eat up the time in your day.

10. Schedule me time

The best way to add more “me time” to each day is to schedule it in like any other appointment or task.  Taking time for yourself gives you the chance to refresh, regroup, and fell joy in your moments of peace.  Me time can be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee or tea on the porch in the morning, taking the dog for a walk, taking a bath and reading a book, going for a walk, etc. Take 15 – 30 minutes each day for you!

Compact Coupon and Card OrganizerWritten by Wendy Krepak, Mom, Entrepreneur and Inventor of Card Cubby, Compact Coupon and Card Organizer

For years, Wendy was losing gift cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, and frequent buyer cards. They were often at home or lost in the depths of her purse. She knew there had to be a better way so she designed Card Cubby, an alphabetized system and was amazed at how easily it worked. Her own mini filing cabinet to replace her wallet. It’s Card Cubby, LLC's mission to provide stylish, quality and money saving items to its customers.

For more information, visit www.cardcubby.com.

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Who doesn't want to save money on clothes??

Posted on July 07, 2014 by Wendy Krepak

Clothing COUPONS are out there and you don’t have to open a credit card with a particular store in order to receive the benefits.  www.CardCubby.com can help you organize them and SAVE!

Jill Cataldo, Times Correspondent, explains how she uses her clothing coupon system to get brand new clothing at thrift store prices. Follow her 4 tips for locating the best discounts at your favorite spots!  Get the down-low HERE http://www.nwitimes.com/lifestyles/columnists/jill-cataldo/


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Get Yourself In The Mind Frame Of Saving Money

Posted on May 27, 2014 by Wendy Krepak

We’ve all been there. We’re determined to save money, so we sit down at our computer, read about all the couponing trends and how to use rewards cards to keep some cash in our pockets. We’ve read the blogs, taken notes and printed every coupon necessary. 

Then we get to the store and realize we left all those freshly clipped coupons on the counter top next to our lists. Or the reward card that guaranteed us 20% off our ENTIRE purchase is buried in our purse forgotten. 

We can tell ourselves that a $0.25 coupon for dish soap here or a $1.00 off socks there doesn’t make a big difference, but it does. 

Big time.

Add up all that loss and you’re missing out on saving money for your next vacation or a new designer purse. 

But there is hope! You can save money using coupons and reward cards and become a savvy couponista. A great way to remember to save money is to create a system that will get you on the road to success.

Step One: Clean out your wallet!

If you clean out your wallet and get rid of those reward cards from stores you no longer visit you can lighten the load. Once you have the cards you want to save with, take them and get them organized in a Card Cubby. The Card Cubby is a stylish. Alphabetized wallet that will keep everything organized so when you go to pay for your purchases you can quickly find your reward card and save money!

Step Two: Organize your coupons!

Coupons are basically cash in your hand and they add up quickly. Taking time every week to make out your grocery list and then going through the coupon inserts and online websites can help you stay on track with what is on sale and what coupons you need to save money. The Coupon Cubby can help you organize your coupons with the preprinted dividers that allow you to arrange all of your coupons by alphabet or category. Once you get organized, use Coupon Cubby as your purse or toss it in your tote and you’ll always be saving in style. 

Step Three: Make it a game!

Nothing gets your savings on then a friendly competition. Challenge yourself to save as much money as possible! Make lists, clip your coupons, use your reward cards and save money! Once you hit your goal, reward yourself! Motivation to get those cute shoes or buying your hubby that fishing pole he’s been eyeing will propel you to watch your pennies and dimes, and not buy anything without that coupon!

Once you get yourself in the mind frame of saving money, you’ll never look back and you’ll find yourself a savvy saver in no time! 

Card Cubby is an ALPHABETIZED wallet that holds approximately 40 Plastic Cards or 80 Business Cards and has an inside zipper for money and change, an outside window for identification that helps you organize and Save in Style!

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