Couponing 101: How to REALLY Save Money

Posted on August 12, 2015 by Wendy Krepak

how to coupon

Couponing is a fantastic way to save money at your favorite stores. You may have seen one of those TV shows about “extreme coupon-ers” who save thousands. They spend 40-50 hours per week collecting and organizing coupons. That might be out of reach for most of us, but coupons can still help us save lots of money. Here’s the low down on couponing…

Collect your coupons

There are a number of places where you can build a stock pile of coupons:

  • The Sunday paper – This is the most likely place. Pick up a few local ones to make sure you are getting all the best deals.
  • Your favorite store – Many stores will leave stacks of circulars at their entrance.
  • Friends and family – Ask them for their circulars.
  • The Internet – Some stores will post their coupons online. Just print them out.
  • Your email – Sign up for promotional emails from the stores you like to get coupons delivered to your inbox.
  • Local businesses – If you really like couponing, ask local stores to set aside their leftover newspapers that didn’t sell.

Organize your coupons

Coupons are basically money. You wouldn’t leave your money strewn about, would you? The best way to organize coupons is with our Card Cubby. It allows you to alphabetically store them so you can access just the ones you need when you’re in the store.

Be mindful of the stores’ policies

Stores have different policies about how they handle coupons. Some will only accept one coupon per item, others will let you double or triple coupons. Some limit the percentage of savings you receive at the register, others don’t. Some will accept competitors’ coupons!

Make sure to get a loyalty card!

The loyalty card is the best coupon you can get! It allows you to access all (or at least) most of the store’s active coupons. Never forget to have the attendant swipe this.

Ask for a raincheck

Most stores will offer rainchecks if they are out of an item that’s on sale. When they get more of that item, they’ll honor the sale price. This ensures you get the best price and also gives you more time to hunt down more coupons for the same item.

Keep a price book

Sometimes you’ll see a sale and wonder if that’s really a good deal. Who can remember what you typically pay for every product? A price book is a simple list of your most common purchases so you can evaluate whether a coupon is any good.

Always check your receipt

Make sure you actually got the savings by checking your receipt before you leave the store. If the cashier missed your coupon or the coupon didn’t register properly, you want to go back to the counter and point it out.  It might not be fixable if you leave. It helps to watch the cashier and register during the checkout process.

More couponing tips:

  • Think to the future – You’ll probably use soap next week, so take advantage of sales today even if you won’t use the item for a while. Keep a close watch on how quickly you use each product so you can plan properly.
  • Don’t buy what you don’t use – If you never use an item, you aren’t saving money by buying it just because it’s on sale.

Compact Coupon and Card OrganizerWritten by Wendy Krepak, Mom, Entrepreneur and Inventor of Card Cubby, Compact Coupon and Card Organizer

For years, Wendy was losing gift cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, and frequent buyer cards. They were often at home or lost in the depths of her purse. She knew there had to be a better way so she designed Card Cubby, an alphabetized system and was amazed at how easily it worked. Her own mini filing cabinet to replace her wallet. It’s Card Cubby, LLC's mission to provide stylish, quality and money saving items to its customers.

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