Why I LOVE Amazon and how it has saved me TONS of Money!

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Wendy Krepak

O.k.. I admit it.. I love to shop!  Retail Therapy has always made me happy and I often found any excuse to hit the stores.

A year ago I joined Amazon Prime to save money on shipping and it became so much more! Here is an example of how I use Amazon on a regular basis. The other day I decided I needed a 5x7 frame for a picture of my son’s wedding.  Usually I would get in the car and drive to the store.. finding that they didn’t really have what I was envisioning but I would end up purchasing other items that I just couldn’t live without!  Right????  On Amazon I found a huge selection of exactly what I was looking for at a competitive price and my free shipping.

I wasn’t distracted by items I didn’t need..  it took no time at all  to make my selection and arrived at my door! Yes we are all busy and for me the time I save by using Amazon and the money I save by not being tempted to purchase things I don’t need is HUGE!

Now I use that extra time to spend it with my family, a good book or some other form of enjoyment and when I do need some Retail Therapy I can do it for pleasure and not out of need. I know it sounds crazy but Amazon has really made a difference in my life!

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