8 Tricks to Organize Your Life

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Wendy Krepak

Tricks to Organize Your Life

Modern life is busy. We all have a hundred things to do every day, especially if we have kids. By getting a handle on the chaos and taking some steps to get organized, you can give yourself from free time, reduce stress and even improve your health. Here are some organizational tricks that might help.

1. Choose the three most important tasks for each day

Sometimes we’re overwhelmed with the details and forget to look at the big picture. For example, we might spend hours decorating cupcakes when there are other dishes to make. Select the three most important items for the day and get them done early.

2. Use one task management system

In this day with plenty of apps and software kicking around, you might have a to-do list on your kitchen counter, a notepad on your cell phone and a calendar on your tablet. If your lists are in separate places, they are no use. Pick one system and tick with it.

3. Throw out meaningless things/tasks/people

Cut out the clutter in your life by getting rid of the things you don’t need. That includes needless stuff in your home, the contents of your purse, to-do list item that don’t really need your attention, and people who take up way too much of your time.

4. Start saying no

Bake cookies for the bake sale? Organize volunteers for the car wash? Chaperone that field trip? It’s quite alright to say when your schedule is stressed. Be polite, but firm. Don’t leave room for misinterpretation: “Sorry, I’m just too busy to help right now.”

5. Delegate to other people

Don’t be afraid to pass work on to other people if they benefit from the outcome. The kids can help clean the house; they live their too. Your staff at work can carry a little more load if you’re work schedule is hectic.

6. Create visual reminders

A list of tasks in the back of your head will make you feel cluttered. Put them down on paper so you aren’t forced to remember them all and can focus on the task at hand. Plus you get to satisfyingly check them off.

7. Label everything!

Once you have something organized, throw a label on it. Not only do labels help you find needed items in the future, they also deter people from dropping items in the incorrect spot.

8. Plan your meal schedule for the week

With a little time investment on Sunday, you can save yourself a lot of time during the week (and during the evenings, which always feel especially hectic). Plan your meals for the week before you do shopping so you get everything you need. If you’re really up to it, you can pre-cook certain foods so they just need reheating at dinner time.

Compact Coupon and Card OrganizerWritten by Wendy Krepak, Mom, Entrepreneur and Inventor of Card Cubby, Compact Coupon and Card Organizer

For years, Wendy was losing gift cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, and frequent buyer cards. They were often at home or lost in the depths of her purse. She knew there had to be a better way so she designed Card Cubby, an alphabetized system and was amazed at how easily it worked. Her own mini filing cabinet to replace her wallet. It’s Card Cubby, LLC's mission to provide stylish, quality and money saving items to its customers.

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