How to Score the Best Deals with Your Loyalty Card

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Wendy Krepak

get the most out of your loyalty card

Loyalty cards are created to keep patrons returning and track the shopping patterns of their consumers. Every shop uses a different reward system for their loyalty cards, but if you’re not careful you can miss the benefits. Here are some shopping tips to make sure you are getting the full value of the loyalty benefits. 

Know the point system

Every store is a little different, but the traditional model for reward system is: shop and receive points toward your next purchase. This is intended to encourage you to shop more frequently, but if you don’t understand that store’s system, you can be shopping without any return on your investments. 

Pharmacies like CVS don’t give you your reward points until after you’ve made a purchase. To see the benefits up front, head to the reward kiosk to cash in on your points before you begin to shop. This can even dictate what you purchase, so don’t skip this step. Other places like Qdoba have sites where you can login and see how close you are to getting a FREE reward. If you are dining with a friend, make your purchases separately using one loyalty card so that you don’t get jipped out of a 2 for 1 shot deal. 

When signing up for your loyalty card, make sure an employee explains to you how their reward system works so you don’t turn into the weird lady hollering about expired coupons and holding up the line because she thought CVS and Rite Aid were the same.  

Utilize the hidden coupon world 

In addition to your newspaper coupons, sites like Retailmenot.com are dedicated to coupon paradise. Prepare to become slightly obsessed with deals. If you are like many who fear becoming the customer with the long winded transaction, don’t worry, our Card Cubby organizes your coupons from A-Z so finding the right voucher at the right time is easy. Be sure to read the conditions of each coupon so you know what you can and cannot combine prior to reaching checkout. This will save you and the people behind you a lot of time. Many places allow you to utilize coupons online too now! Shameless saving is calling your name. 

Sign up for the newsletter 

I know no one likes an inbox overflowing with e-mail marketing content, but those are where the sales are.  Signing up for a company’s newsletter will allow you to strategically schedule when you shop and how you shop. If you have an abandoned e-mail address you hardly use, why not make that account you use to opt into e-newsletters with. By checking this dedicated “spam address” once a week, you can save yourself a ton of money! 

Compare, compare, compare 

Shopstyle.com is great for comparing items for the lowest price. Many places make it their policy to match prices on the market, so by doing a little research you can save yourself some cash. It’s important to know which stores honor this policy ahead of time to save yourself an argument with your cashier. 

Know the sale seasons 

Black Friday is great for finding deals but there are other times of the year where prices go way down. Late June and after major holidays are examples of great sale shopping periods. February 15th is a great day to rack up on chocolate up to 90% off. Get accustom to shopping off season. If you buy luxury winter coat in the dead of summer, you’re likely to get it for the fraction of the price. 

If I missed something, share with your new tips with other smart shoppers on our Facebook page!

Compact Coupon and Card OrganizerWritten by Wendy Krepak, Mom, Entrepreneur and Inventor of Card Cubby, Compact Coupon and Card Organizer

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