Why Card Cubby Loves Chipotle

Posted on January 07, 2015 by Wendy Krepak

Yes the food is fresh, flavorful and delicious.. the service is great... but as a product company owner I noticed some other things as well. I recently stopped in the Winter Springs, FL location near my home. Being a Chipotle “Virgin” I noticed right away that the choices are kept to a wonderful minimum. I could easily make a decision and did not have to stress while my brain tried to wade thru an overwhelming multitude of choices. Yes even the grocer now has 15 kinds of ketchup.. ( green anyone?)

I made my selections of the fresh looking items and was at the cash register in a flash! Upon reaching the register I asked if they had a frequent buyer card ( yes I practice what I preach and ask for them everywhere!) and was told they did not. ( O.k.... I still love them!) Upon mentioning that I was indeed new to the chain the nice young man at the register comp'd my meal! Never had that happen before!

Then I went online to check them out further.. if you haven’t watched this video do it now.. it will tug at your heart strings!

I even went on and did the naming thing.. meet Guacarita Texapina Jr!

Card Cubby works hard to take good care of its customers and Chipotle now has a new and loyal customer..

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