How Amazon Helped Me Lose Weight!

Posted on March 21, 2016 by Wendy Krepak

How can this be you ask?

Did you purchase some wonder diet plan?

Did you find some magical workout video?


Here is how Amazon helped me lose weight.

My problem has always been time. Or my perceived lack of it. Too much to do, too many balls to juggle, too much energy spent. No time left to fit in the much needed workout!

Often my free time was spent on time-sucking errands. Running from place to place to find the items I needed. But then the light went on. I could get everything I needed from Amazon! Out of nail polish. Click. Done. Need a picture frame. Click. Done. Need more dog food. Click. Done. Well, you get the idea. No more running around, and thanks to my Prime account, I was getting free shipping! Some things end up at my door the very next day, and even on Sunday! Okay. That is great, but how, you still ask, did it help me lose weight?

Because now I use that time to take a walk, lift some weights, use my stretch bands. Sure I need to lose more weight….but I am on my way!

Thank you Amazon!!


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